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                Welcome: Kehua UPS power supply_Section of the official website of China Hengsheng (Xiamen) Co., Ltd_Kehua battery
                Language: Chinese ∷  English

                About us

                Hengsheng a series of high-end power technology breakthrough, breaking the long-standing monopoly of international brand technology, providing high-end power cost-effective products for users worldwide, and for the national information security, national security, improve the overall level of equipment manufacturing Chinese "has a positive meaning.
                Focus on power technology, is committed to innovation, the company now has KELONG UPS power energy base, cloud based services, three new energy business system, including nuclear power, industrial power supply, power supply, communication power supply, power supply, Jingwei elevator series products, batteries and photovoltaic / wind power options, and charging pile, the power of cloud data center, products used in more than and 80 countries and regions worldwide, covering Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other places. The main business for eighteen consecutive years ranked first in the domestic brands, providing reliable power services for more than 200 thousand users worldwide. According to CCID Consulting released 2016 report shows that in 2015, the market ranked Hengsheng in all domestic and foreign brands in fourth, ranking the first domestic brands; 20kVA high power UPS above the high-end market ranking, in all domestic and foreign brands in the top second, in the local brands far ahead, ranked first, continue to lead the development of Chinese power industry.
                Over the years, KELONG UPS power products successfully nominated person, China railway, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China life, the national tax administration, China Telecom, Chinese Unicom, the central state organs and other UPS equipment selection, by the military equipment procurement, Chinese petroleum and natural gas pipeline, LAN-STAR chemical group, supplier qualification, and establish strategic cooperation partnership with well-known enterprises.
                So far, KELONG power products successfully hand a number of domestic and foreign key area, symbol of the construction engineering, the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, Angola, the Luanda National Stadium, Shanghai World Expo (Expo Axis of emergency command center, the U.S. Pavilion, the French Pavilion, people dedicated road tunnel engineering etc.), the Olympics, Qingdao Olympic sailing the center of Shanghai, the women's World Cup tournament scene, the Guangzhou Asian Games, Golden Tax Project, the air force training base, the Three Gorges project, a new generation of Tianjin rockets, Beijing metro, the capital airport, the State Administration of Taxation and the State Administration of radio, Xiamen airport oil power and other large projects, can see the figure of KELONG battery.


                CONTACT US

                Contact: Money manager


                Tel: 400-612-6008

                Email: xdcsx@foxmail.com

                Add: No. 23, Zhongguancun, Beijing, Haidian District