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                Welcome: Kehua UPS power supply_Section of the official website of China Hengsheng (Xiamen) Co., Ltd_Kehua battery
                Language: Chinese ∷  English

                Industry new

                Replacement process of battery pack for power supply of Kehua UPS

                1. After receiving the notice that the battery can be replaced, the battery replacement implementation engineer of Kehua ups will go to the site to prepare: ensure the input power supply of UPS host, the registration and inspection of new and old batteries, the sealing of smoke probe of fire protection system in the machine room, and the preparation of carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

                Before replacing the battery, make relevant registration records for the main unit of Kehua UPS power supply, old battery pack, battery monitor and other equipment, especially for the placement of each layer of battery and the wiring of battery monitor, make marks and draw the connection diagram. Ensure that the effect of battery pack replacement is consistent with the original situation.

                2. Replace the batteries of the manufacturer of Kehua UPS power supply, disconnect the connection switch between the main engine and battery pack of Kehua UPS, disconnect the main engine and battery pack of Kehua UPS, and ensure the safety of the staff when replacing the batteries. Dismantle the battery of the original battery pack, the battery replacement implementation engineer is responsible for the battery disassembly, and the relevant technical personnel are responsible for the handling of the new and old batteries.

                When the old battery is removed, the removed battery connecting wire and the screws of the battery terminal shall be placed neatly in a box to ensure the cleanness and cleanness of the machine room. After the old battery is removed, the old battery and the old battery rack shall be placed in the position specified by Party A. Place the new battery rack assembly in the designated position, start to install the new battery at the same time, and place the new battery on the battery rack so that the new battery can be placed in the best position and direction adjustment on the battery rack.

                After connecting a group of Kehua UPS batteries, check whether the connecting wire of the battery terminal is firm; check whether the total voltage of the battery group is normal, etc., and the positive and negative poles of the battery shall be connected correctly.

                3. After the ups battery of Kehua is replaced, use a multimeter to check the total voltage of the battery pack, the positive and negative poles of the battery pack and the wiring of the neutral wire. After ensuring that the battery pack and UPS host are normal, close the switch of the battery pack to make UPS UPS return to normal operation. Then detect the working voltage, current, charging voltage and working state of Kehua ups and make records. One person shall observe whether the parameters in the LCD of the host are consistent with the actual ones, and the battery time parameters shall be adjusted and set to ensure that the battery will not give false alarm prompt during the normal life.

                4. After the commissioning of Kehua UPS power supply host is normal, disconnect the input power switch of Kehua UPS host, simulate the interruption of mains power failure, test whether the UPS system can normally switch from mains power to battery backup power supply, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the machine room cabinet.

                5. After the ups battery replacement of Kehua is completed, clean ups room and clean sundries to ensure a good environment for UPS room of Kehua. The preparation work done in the machine room before the ups battery is replaced.