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                Welcome: Kehua UPS power supply_Section of the official website of China Hengsheng (Xiamen) Co., Ltd_Kehua battery
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                KELONG news

                Matters needing attention in discharge process of UPS power supply after power cut in City

                In the daily use of UPS power supply, only regular discharging of batteries can prolong the service life. Kehua UPS power supply batteries need to be charged and discharged once every three months. In the normal situation of city power, the city power is forcibly disconnected and the battery inverters are used to discharge, so that the state of the battery capacity can be known, so that the normal operation of the equipment can be delayed by sudden power failure.

                When discharging the Kehua UPS power supply, you must adhere to the following precautions

                First, we need to know how long the UPS power supply can reserve before discharging, so that when discharging, there will be a preparation to prevent discharging to the reserve time do not know, resulting in load outage. The sudden power failure of the equipment resulted in file loss and communication interruption.

                2. If we can see the UPS battery, first we can see whether the battery has obvious deformation and night leakage.

                3. If UPS UPS itself has the setting time of automatic discharge function, it is suggested that Kehua UPS power supply should discharge itself first, so as to preliminarily judge whether the battery has the ability of discharge.

                4. When discharging artificially, please observe the decline of battery voltage at all times so as to restore the input of municipal electricity at any time.

                5. Discharge treatment of UPS power supply in Huahua does not necessarily completely discharge the capacity of the battery. Here, only two-thirds of the rated capacity is OK. Discharge can only activate the battery. Charging and discharging every 3-4 months can properly prolong the service life of the battery pack.

                6. If it is a medium and high power UPS power supply, the general rectifier and bypass input switch are designed independently. It is suggested that the OFF rectifier switch can be used instead of the local power input switch of the OFF user. In case of battery discharges, Kehua UPS can switch to bypass mode immediately.