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                Welcome: Kehua UPS power supply_Section of the official website of China Hengsheng (Xiamen) Co., Ltd_Kehua battery
                Language: Chinese ∷  English

                Industry new

                Demand of Kehua UPS power system in communication power supply

                In terms of supporting communication power equipment and facilities, Kehua UPS power supply system also plays a role in preventing voltage surge, wave, peak, transient and undervoltage of the municipal power grid, effectively protecting communication equipment and preventing station outage accidents. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the network, the battery, ups and switching power supply system play the role of maintaining the normal operation of the system when the mains power is interrupted, and also play the role of filtering out noise voltage and maintaining the quality of communication.

                1. The AC load part needs to be equipped with UPS with load capacity of at least 30KVA, backup standby time of up to 8 hours and high reliability. Kehua UPS should have dynamic data remote monitoring function;

                2. For earthquake, fire and other emergencies, it can provide remote or near remote control fast shutdown function to avoid more serious losses in the emergency;

                3. Due to the limited space for installing Kehua UPS power supply and battery, UPS suppliers are required to improve the space utilization rate of equipment placement and make full use of limited space resources;

                4. The backup battery of the power supply of Kehua UPS must have the function of liquid leakage detection; it can be used as an automatic reminder of the inspection date or replacement date of the battery.