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                Welcome: Kehua UPS power supply_Section of the official website of China Hengsheng (Xiamen) Co., Ltd_Kehua battery
                Language: Chinese ∷  English

                KELONG UPS power YTR series

                • Vehicle traveling data recorder
                Vehicle traveling data recorder

                Vehicle traveling data recorder

                • Product ID:1060991967
                • Shooting Angle: 130 degrees
                • Video pixel:1920*1080
                • Shelf time:2013-12-20 13:09:30
                • Product description: Vehicle traveling data recorder White love version of WDR wide dynamic
                • INQUIRY
                Type: online single in single out
                Product features: KELONG UPS power YTR series is designed for Chinese grid environment design of UPS, using full digital control technology and the new high frequency power conversion technology, has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low calorific value, fully meet the harsh environment protection power grid. Organic rack, vertical two models available to improve the utilization of the computer room.
                Alarm function: battery voltage
                Protection: over voltage protection, over temperature protection
                Backup time: can be configured for any minute
                Product category: UPS power supply
                Product technical parameters:
                Online operation, high output stability, zero interrupt time
                Intelligent RS232 communication software monitoring
                Configure RS232 data communication interface to achieve software monitoring
                Support KELONG? SNMP network adapter, effectively simplify network management, improve system reliability
                High input power factor high green environmental protection coefficient
                Advanced power PFC control technology - AC input power factor >0.98, to reduce the load on the grid
                Small size and high performance
                The latest high frequency power conversion technology, small size, light weight, high reliability
                Perfect protection function
                Three over current protection and over voltage protection, enhance the UPS electrical adaptability and resistance to load impact
                KELONG UPS power supply can be carried out three heavy load identification, intelligent processing, to ensure the safe operation of equipment and UPS
                Input over voltage protection: sensitive voltage sensing and unique switching switch to avoid the threat of high voltage power grid equipment